SQLSaturday Johannesburg & Cape Town pre-con: Understanding SSIS internals and performance tuning

I am very happy and super excited to announce that I will be doing a full day pre-con the day before SQLSaturday #327 Johannesburg on 29 August, as well as SQLSaturday #301 Cape Town on 5 September 2014. Having lived in South Africa, I have had the pleasure to visit Johannesburg, Cape Town and Stellenbosch on a number of occasions. I must say, I can’t wait to go back!

Two years ago, I started speaking at SQL Server conferences, when Jody Roberts (twitter) pinged me on Twitter and asked if I didn’t want to give a talk at SQLSaturday #134 Johannesburg. I gave my first talk on Layered Partitioning, and it was such an awesome experience that I decided to go all in; which has resulted in three big conferences (and quite a few smaller ones) this year.

So, this year I am going back to South Africa where it all started to give a full day pre-con on Understanding SSIS internals and performance tuning.


You have worked with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for a few years, but more often than not, you see performance problems with your packages. Some packages are running slow, while others are taking up more memory and CPU than before. But why are they slow or taking up a lot of resources? What is actually going on behind the scene? Join this full-day session to find out.

The first part will cover the internals of SSIS. Starting with an overview, we will move into the details of the control flow engine and the data flow engine. At the end of the internals section, you will have a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of SSIS and what is the best way to design your packages.

The second part will cover how we can use the knowledge about the internals of SSIS to gain better performance. This part will show practical examples of common performance problems, and how these can be solved. Furthermore we will look at how designing and tuning your data flows can increase performance significantly.

If you are in Johannesburg or Cape Town (or feel like visiting the beautiful South Africa), I would be happy to see you at my pre-con.

Sign up for a full day of understanding SSIS internals and performance tuning in Johannesburg on 28 August.

Sign up for a full day of understanding SSIS internals and performance tuning in Cape Town on 5 September.

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